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Welcome to Dr. Mariam's Site

Thank you for visiting! As the Resident Fellow Member (RFM) Trustee Elect Nominee, Dr. Mariam is passionate about serving her fellow RFMs and would love to hear from YOU about any specific issues you would like to see implemented through the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Please join our campaign team and support Dr. Mariam!

Dr. Mariam's platform

Promotion of Wellbeing, Professional Development and Leadership

As the current Illinois Psychiatric Society's (IPS) RFM Chair and RFM Rep on the IPS Council, Dr. Mariam has been serving RFMs locally, statewide, and now wishes to pursue national representation and service. Dr. Mariam sits on the Board of the National RFM Caucus as the Director of Medical Student Mentorship. Dr. Mariam wishes to extend her experience to promote RFM Wellbeing, Professional Development and Leadership through system-wide improvements, integration of innovative Emotional Intelligence Training and the utilization of technological platforms to expand the breadth of such enrichment trainings. 

Emotional Intelligence Training

 With 10  years of experience as an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Scholar with Graduate Training in Coaching and Leadership, Dr. Mariam aims to extend her EI training to the medical curricula at the RFM and Medical Student level to promote wellness and leadership. Dr. Mariam is passionate about utilizing EI for the purpose of self care to prevent burnout, increase resilience and prevent further suicides among RFMs nationally. 

As the Director of Wellness and CCO of MEDspiration, a non profit organization aimed at raising health literacy through social media platforms, Dr. Mariam has has launched an EI program gathering up to 12k international medical trainee viewers worldwide per show!

Dr. Mariam is engaged in the development of a didactic and case based curriculum named EMPATH MED (Engaging Meaningful Physician-Patient Alliances Through Humanism in Medicine), in collaboration with medical schools in the Chicagoland area with the plan for a month-long elective correlative for the RFM.


As a daughter of refugees, Dr. Mariam also carries a sensitivity to advocate for medical trainees of minority communities, with plans to encourage national implicit bias training for faculty, staff and RFMs in addition to connecting RFMs with patients of their respective culture group to encourage improved rapport and patient care. 

Dr. Mariam is also particularly interested in raising awareness of national public health matters related to marginalized communities that she believes psychiatrists can be at the forefront of combatting, such as human trafficking victims and refugees seeking asylum. Dr. Mariam sits on a United Nations task force aimed at piloting protocols for proper identification of trafficking victims in the emergency setting.

Dr. Mariam has also been quite active with advocacy work through IPS, assisting in the first legislation related to reimbursement and proper coding for the Collaborative/Integrative Care Model being voted into law. She also advocated for the development and legalization of a unified electronic pre-authorization form.


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